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180630 traveling within and without

Still been riding the wave of job momentum as I see where it takes me. It's taken me a couple places that are promising, and I can say that I've got a couple things that are working out, even if I've had to be picky and choosy. Also still getting interviews in places that sound very rewarding, so I'm keeping at it.

I've also taken advantage of my 'summer vacation' to do some actual traveling, though not as much as I would like. But I've found that modest traveling appeals to me in a way that the more grandiose "Travel-with-a-capital-T" doesn't.

The key is the bicycle.

If I have my bike with me, I can explore cities with ease and without having to deal with the frustrations of finding parking, finding routes, getting stuck in traffic--figuring out transit sucks a lot of the fun out of the travel experience. You spend more time looking at maps and schedules and getting lost and un-lost that the time you have to just enjoy being somewhere else is taken away. Not so with the bike. I just roll around the city, look around, and park wherever I need for free. It's liberating.

Combine with camping, and it's actually pretty close to revolutionary.

Sadly, I still haven't figured out the trick of not having to work full-time though. Which I will almost certainly be doing again very shortly, because, money, yo.

The trouble with winning jobs is, you go through a lot of effort, time, and work, then they tell you you've won, and what you've won is the chance to work for 40 hours a week. I'm not complaining, it's my choice to do so or not--it's just that the freedom of time is also worth so very much. For me, it's very much about balance. Still, I've got the puzzle pieces in front of me--it's just a matter of placing them just right.

Another wonderful confidence booster happened to me the last couple of nights that I absolutely cannot talk about, but which reinforced for me that I have not made the wrong decisions this year--only the hard ones. Without doubt, that made me smile. So we press on.

180616 a small break with civ iv

The momentum on the employment has fortunately carried over into this last week, at times so much that I even felt a bit overwhelmed--though I'm gratified to have options and feel like things are happening. There are big ones and there are little ones, possibilities, I mean. I have scored one of the little ones, and I feel like that will buy me some time and space to focus on bigger things.

Also, I think I'm finding some traction in terms of doing the real things I want to do with my life (yeah, I know, I'm only, like, 40 and stuff, what's the hurry?) Especially with writing. I have learned a lot over the last six months of trying, and have realized that I really need to focus on one solid project to get the process down and prove the concept--that concept being that I can actually write towards a concrete goal on a daily basis and produce an actual achievement that I can hang my hat on. Towards that end, I have chosen a specific subject, which I will get into more when I have made some solid progress on it. I don't like the fact that I announce things and then don't follow through. Following through is my objective, and I'm not going to say more until I have something good to say.

Because of my little bit of success with finding dollars, I was able to take Friday night off and relax a bit. I even rewarded myself with a visit to the Books of Half Price, where I procured a copy of The Most Fun Addicting Computer Game Ever Made (Besides SimCity, that is). I picked up Sid Meier's Civilization IV, which is almost brand new, except that it came out in 2005. What can I say, I take my time on these things.

This is especially gratifying for me, because, back in the day, I was a MAJOR Civ II fan, I remember playing it all the time in the TAG Room at Urbandale High School in 1993-95, and then again on my own iMac when I was in college. Dating? What's that.

But, seriously, I wanted to keep playing Civ through its various iterations, but Macs were not known for their gaming capabilities, and also Civilization III did not do it for me back in the early 2000s. But now that I have time to game again, I found that I can go down that rabbit hole responsibly.

Just so long as I don't get on Gandhi's bad side. Seriously, that dude will mess you UP.

180609 mmmomentummm

So as I mentioned, big things happening over the last couple months as I take the first step towards something new in my professional life in years. Not quite clear yet on what that will be, but there are many possibilities popping up right now. This week especially has been a big one for the momentum, but at least it's been positive momentum.

The funny thing is, when one is seeking dollars in an employment-type situation, they always give you little bottles of water. This, of course, is so that your esophagus doesn't close up from the anxiety-ridden mouth dryness you suffer while trying to sing for your supper!

In any case, I have lots of little bottles of water now.

The positive momentum to which I referred was necessary, because the week before it was rough: I had not only Kinetica break down, but my car, Justified, also took a downturn, and EVEN MY TEETH BETRAYED ME. Seriously, I had to go get an emergency filling after biting on a Boston Baked Bean wrong.

Kinetica is still out of sorts while I figure out the future of that situation--I'd say there's a 90 percent chance I'll get him repaired instead of buying a new bike. Though I do get tempted by the lighter frames out there... No, I've got a known object in Kinetica, and, if anything, I'd only add to my bike stable, not replace. But I gotta do something soon before this lovely summer of biking slips away on me unnoticed.

In the theme of technology failing us, my weather radio alarm clock also went wonky on me this week, the display all fucked up, and the button that plays the weather no worky no more. Into the trash. So I've been looking for a replacement alarm clock. J is just like, "Why don't you just use your phone?" But one needs a backup alarm clock, lest one be burned on getting to the places one needs to go. Not that I have anywhere to be in the mornings, though-- ah ah ah!

But none of this compares with the most important crazy event of the last week. I'm going to title that, "I GOT BIT BY A DOG!!!"

Yes, you read correctly. I did not provoke this dog, I promise. I was just walking down the street near The Homestead, minding my own business, to use a cliche, and a woman was coming the opposite way with a medium-sized brown beagle. I nodded to her, she nodded to me, and her dog freaking chomped my leg!

We were, of course, both flabbergasted. What an awkward social moment! What does one do exactly when a dog bites you? Well, you start by awkwardly exchanging phone numbers. She, for her part, apologized profusely, and said that her dog had never done that before--and I believed her. She also told me, most importantly, that her dog had all his shots. Which she later texted me proof of, thank the universe. The last thing I need this week is to die of rabies...

All is well, however--my own shots are up to date, and the wound is healing nicely. But if this episode doesn't tell you something of my life in '18, I'm not sure what else will.



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