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190127 preparing for spring

The return of snow and cold with a vengeance has made my last few days a minor challenge, but it also has fueled considerations of spring. Specifically, how to plan for what to do with the time when the flowers are fresh and the air is welcoming.

Two things I've been doing this morning have had to do with spring planning: bike renovating and trip planning. They are related, because a lot of my vacation time involves me taking my bike Kinetica up to places where I can bike--downtown areas, bike trails, parks, that sort of thing. I have found that the best way to really get to know a city is not by car or even on foot, but by bicycle.

This year will mark Kinetica's tenth anniversary as my bike of choice, and I have decided to drop a little money into renovating his appearance. Last year, I spent a bit of coin to refit his components, which was a necessity, but the upside of doing that in '18 is that I can focus on appearance in '19. As a result, I've been spending time considering what color schemes I'd like to apply, as well as what decals. It's entertaining to do for sure, but also overwhelming. However, I think I've narrowed it down. I'm planning to go with a cobalt blue and yellow color scheme, with reflective stickers to enhance the style and visibility.

At the same time, I'm planning on a couple different places I can take Kinetica so that I can bike and explore. I have two specific trips in mind at the moment. I have a plan to take Kinetica up to Ft. Dodge, then over to Sioux City. Then, later, a trip to Saint Louis, MO.

Being as I am a middle class government bureaucrat, money is always a consideration, but I think with a modest budget and some time, I can get lots of bike exploration in all three cities. Stay in cheap hotels, eat delicious food, get relaxing vibes and listen to good music. That's my travel objectives so far this year.

Now I just need to get through February and March. Iowa's tough when you own a convertible and you can't put the top down. I need to find some more engaging indoor activities to keep me busy until the sun returns. Maybe writing perhaps!



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