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November 2020: Hello From Covid Cove

Well, hello. The only thing that I can say, and that maybe anybody should say right now is: I'm blessed to be here. Life has been hard in 2020, there is no denying that. I consider myself very lucky. I'm healthy, I have a job, I have friends and loved ones. In essence, these are the things that matter. I also have a good time, I feel reasonably fulfilled, although constrained in the same ways that everyone else does right now.

The introvert in me secretly loves this time.

But even so, I miss people, I miss eating in restaurants and enjoying going places. Jenn and I had trips planned for this year that were unceremoniously dropped. Like most people right now, we live in our house and we do all our interacting virtually. Or not at all, in some cases.

It's funny, but I do feel somewhat more free to be social these days - almost like the constriction, plus the change in some old things that had made my social interactions toxic, has given me some shelter to be myself again. Like I have permission to be. Maybe it's the new decade, too. I released a lot of old stuff that maybe was bogging me down.

The only other thing I'll say this time is this - what a relief that we're heading back to some kind of almost normalcy with the election behind us. To hell with that guy who pretended to be the president the last few years, let's ditch him. We've got work to do. That's another small bit of sunshine. Even with the raging pandemic all around us, I still have hope.


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