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180524 new horizons

It's the name of a NASA project, and, it's also my situation this May. I've been seeking out new horizons for about a month now, and it's really opened up my world a lot. I was due for an in-rush of fresh air, and I'm getting it. The world seemed to reward me for this by bringing on spring almost as soon as I was free, and this month has really been a joy. I'm trying out new things, I'm experimenting, I'm learning, and I really feel more momentum and growth than I have in quite a while. Please forgive my lack of updating while I've been figuring it out.

One fun thing I got to participate in recently was the return of Trivia Night. At one point in the long-ago past, my cadre and I would participate in these at the Des Moines Social Club. It was a great time for years, but then the DMSC moved, the Trivia went from a swanky restaurant at the Kirkwood to a somewhat dingy basement bar, and the crowds became intolerable and tight. Not my scene.

But now, the Triv (or, at least, one facet of triv) is taking place at the Court Ave. Brewing Company, and my cadre and I participated in it once again around the middle of the month. Not only did we participate, but--we won! It had all the hallmarks of thrilling competition, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Definitely will be doing that again in the near future.

Another thing I'll be doing more of in the near future is getting my ass out there. I've been hermited far too long, and I've got a renewed interest in being part of the world again, with confidence. I'm still an old-school introvert, but I think I've found my niches.

One small bit of bad news, my treasured bicycle companion, Kinetica, is in dire straits at the moment--he's apparently needing a lot of work. That's the trouble with having an old bike that you ride all the time. In fact, that's exactly how the repair person from Bike World put it when he called to tell me Kinetica was in need of help. First thing he said was, "You ride a lot, don't you?" To which I could only laugh uproariously. Yes, sir, I do indeed ride all the time. I was told that the chain stretch tool only goes to 12 millimeters, and my chain had stretched off the meter, to 12.4 mm, farther, apparently, than my repairman had ever seen.

Now, don't let it be said that I do not do maintenance on my vehicles--I certainly do, if grudgingly. In fact, Kinetica has had proper service for all five of the years I've been riding him daily. So I'm not entirely sure why this was not brought up to me on the last tune up. But, in any case, here it is, and I'll have to bite the bullet and find a solution here. But, fear not for Kinetica's future, as he will remain a prominent member of the Bikefleet.

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