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180331 goodbye, march, and to hell with you

It's been a hard March for reasons I can't get into, but I'm doing my best to keep my head and keep my focus. Fortunately, I have supportive people in my life who are making things better for me, and I'm going to do my best to stay positive.

In bad situations, of course, the thing to do is look to the future, and I'm looking creatively at my options and considering things I haven't considered before.

Now is the time, as they say, I'm not getting any younger. In the past at transition points, I've felt like I've not been as diligent as I could have been. Perhaps I didn't give myself enough credit in some of those situations, but, in others, I know I could have done better for myself with a little more consideration and effort. I am working to avoid making that mistake these days.

Instead of telling you about the past, I look forward to telling you of the exciting present-yet-to-come. But I better stop here, I'm starting to sound like a motivational speaker.

In other news, I'm decorating eggs. Because Easter? Naw, fuck that. Because I have eggs past their sell-by date, and a Sharpie. BUT HOW DO I DECORATE THEM??

180326 watch your caboose, dix

Just returned from a night of watching Star Trek with Lars. I know this behavior will come as a shock to most of you, as you know I do not indulge in silly science fiction operas of any kind, LEAST OF ALL Star Trek. But there it is. We watched at Flix Brewhouse, which I'm so glad to have in my world, especially in my beloved childhood home Merle Hay Mall.

But I'm not here to talk about that. I'm here, instead, to gush about THIS AMAZINGLY BUFF MAN, Patrick Stewart.

Take a look at this image. This is Patrick Stewart as he was in 1996, for the movie Star Trek: First Contact. He's 56 years old at this point, and he's a damn body builder! Who would have thought that the captain of a Galaxy-class (and Sovereign-class) Federation starship could possibly have this much time to spend in the gym?? My god, I could only hope to ever look this buff. No wonder Jonathan Frakes conspired to get scenes where Stewart is wearing less and less in this movie, we've got to be impressed by this physique!

The only other thing I can say about First Contact is that, despite the fact that (jeez) twenty-two freaking years have passed since it was made, it still looks astoundingly good, and there isn't a single wrong note in the entire movie. Really, it's up there with Wrath of Khan and Star Trek IV for me. Also, the length of time kind of puts the fact that everybody in the TNG episode "Yesterday's Enterprise" were all freaking out over 22 years into perspective for me. They make it sound like a hundred, but, come on.

Lars, of course, always makes me giddy like a schoolboy to hang out with him. He really is a ton of fun and I'm glad to know him. Also I had a delicious burger as I always do, so, you can see, my dear, that this was a very good time all around.

180324 bye bye facebook

The time has come for me to say (mostly) goodbye to Facebook. You all know the large reasons why, but I’ve been shrinking from it since about the time Clown Shoes was elected. Just couldn’t handle 50-75 photographs of that dude in my feed every day.

I’ve struggled for a long time in figuring out how to handle the question of keeping my friends involved in my world, but without sharing my thoughts and personal things with a rapacious corporate entity. I believe I have found the answer by returning to the optimistic heady days of the early twenty-first century. Funny that I’ve come back full circle to the place where I originally answered that question. I have a new “social media policy”, if you like, and here it is:

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